Posted on:June 04 2007

Just stubmled upon a small simple game based on Irrlicht, it describes itself as "a 3D game that probably involves a lot of physics and frustrating gameplay" ;). Basically, you are controlling a glowing, rolling sphere through a level, see for yourself in this youtube video. Nice: It's cross platform and open source, and the players avatar looks like how I would imagine an Irrlicht or will o' the wisp (Irrlicht (wikipedia) - the german word where the Irrlicht Engine has its name from) looks like. It is written in or at least uses lua and includes several levels and a tutorial.
(further links: project page hosted on google code, with downloads Big Screenshot, related irrlicht engine forum entry).


Very nice game. Simple, fun and attractive.
2007-06-04 22:18:00

Meh. I quit because I couldn't get past the tutorial. I never have been good at these games. Also the game made my video card's fan go up in noise quite a bit. Funny but most of the noise came during the GUI access.

Ati Radeon X850 XT CrossFire-capable (but not using)
2007-06-05 10:20:00

Hehe nice. I like it very much. Just wish I could play this with my new XBox Controller, that would be too awesome!

But I have some problems with the Menu. Some things doesnt seem to have any functions?! Anyways, its great fun, but pretty difficult. For me, at least :P
2007-06-06 00:07:00

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