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Posted on:May 10 2007

Did a lot today, but nothing to blog about. Instead, found two nice articles recently blogged by other people: NeARAZ about the magic word 'shaders'. Nice post, something I could tell long stories of as well ;) Second: LordXaos about the SOAP spec. I've read lots of texts about the uglyness of those w3c specs, and this one is a nice rant too. :)


On NeARAZ blog I have read about funny!
2007-05-11 12:31:00

Hey Niko i am not soo good with Shaders... :( but i was wondering is it possible to make predefined shaders in Irrlicht and also irrEdit where someone can choose the shader to apply to a texture. Just a thought. It would be cool once i have a texture on a mesh i can add a shader to it and then render the Global Illumination. I hope this is a possible feature for a future IrrEdit release.. :-)
2007-05-14 10:11:00

hm, lets see.. :)
2007-05-14 18:10:00

Please Do :-) just make it something like the type attribute of materials in IrrEdit (ie the one with solid, lightmap, trans_add etc) so we can also have shader with stuff like (Fur Shader, Water shader,Blur shader, Toon Shader, Normalmapping Shader,Glowing Edges Shader etc) you can check this out its a shader list for GameStudio Shaders. Thanks for your time.
2007-05-15 09:37:00

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