Digital restriction management

Posted on:May 08 2007

4 months ago, I promised myself never to buy DVDs again, to stop funding this media mafia. Until now, I kept this promise and it worked out surprisingly well. After all, you don't really need this Hollywood crap.
This weekend, I wanted to watch one of the DVDs I already own, but surprise surprise, it doesn't work any more: The new Windows Media Player 11 says it won't play it because my decoder may not be used together with the digital copy protection. It worked perfectly with the previous version of the Media Player. Thanks, Microsoft. Thanks, MPAA, RIAA, etc.
I'm watching my DVDs using Linux now. It just works fine there.


Fantastic. Down with the Commerce*g*

The best thing about legal aquired DVDs is that it's just impossible to simply watch the is getting insulted beeing a pirate. Uhm...yes..i bought that little silver disc, and get warnings about not to copy MY assets.

Linux forever,
btw. Terrorstorm is a much cooler movie than that Hollywood sh*t, and doesn't cost a single penny, only time to download it :)
2007-05-09 07:40:00

lol, you blame movies on the music industry. :D
2007-05-09 09:51:00

haha, right. I extended my post a bit to correct this :)
2007-05-09 10:22:00

Do tell us why you upgraded to 11 in the first place. 10 was bad enough. Shoot I don't even use WMP to watch DVDs. I use some weird tool my burner came with called PowerDVD or WinDVD or something like that. Nero too can watch movies but it seems a bit more picky.
2007-05-09 11:51:00

10 was so bad, I hoped 11 would be better :)
2007-05-09 17:37:00

What, you're watching movies instead of porting IrrEdit into Linux?? You lazy bastard!

Well, you're atleast watching your movie with linux player... ;)
2007-05-09 23:31:00

After all that they should no wonder why so many people download music and films illegally. They are doing all they can to make it almost impossible to play regular CDs and DVDs...
2007-05-10 01:44:00

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