Sick, Irrlicht 3D Xtra with physics

Posted on:April 10 2007

After finished moving into my new apartment, I hoped to be able to relax a bit, but fortune smiled on me: I became sick, and was not able to do anything useful during the days either side of Easter. I wasn't even able to answer mails, sorry for that. Hope I'm going to start with everything tomorrow again, blogging, updating websites, answering mails etc.
In other news, Christophe Leske just released his Irrlicht Xtra for Director in a new version, that's Irrlicht for Shockwave. The cool thing about it: It already exposes some of the upcoming irrEdit stuff like integrated physics about which I wrote already.



why not a offical IrrFramework which combines all this?
2007-04-10 22:34:00

Get well niko.
Juan Tarquino
2007-04-11 02:30:00

I hope you get better soon, niko ;)
2007-04-11 04:13:00

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