Galactic Dream: Rage of War

Posted on:March 16 2007

Did you ever play one of those realtime strategy games where you can command a space fleet in space? No? Maybe time has come to change this. :) The Galactic Dream: Rage of War demo is available now. Interesting part: That game has been written using Irrlicht.
Personally, I like the colorful and nicely animated space background best. Makes Irrlicht look pretty good :)

Nice work, Pr3t3nd3r & co!


It's a game made by a Romanian Software Company, if I'm not mistaking.
Anyway - there's this piece of news you might be interested in, relating to that Viacom incident:
Oh, and one question: there are two radio buttons under 'Remember personal info?'. Which one is 'no', 'cause I see no text for them, not on IE7, IE6 or Opera?
2007-03-19 11:38:00

i remember playing this game.. It really looked soo cool..may be i will try the rage of war and see how it looks :)
2007-03-19 18:21:00

..nice!!i went to and i saw the demo up for grabs!!cool work guys!
2007-03-20 14:42:00

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