Viacom still doesn't get it

Posted on:March 13 2007

Today Viacom sued youtube and google because of copyright infringment and wants 1 billion dollars. I only noticed this because lots of blogs and forums are now linking this blog and the article describing the fun the Irrlicht community already had with this company and its false copyright claims.
My two cents: Just let them sue. Basically, they are doing this because they still have not learned from the napster desaster. Once youtube is gone, other platforms like this will rise. If there is no legal way for people to get what they want, they will use the illegal ways. Viacom: it's not google's fault that your business model is broken and that you cannot keep up with modern times. Or to say it with this picture I shot last weekend:


You said it right Niko. I am a huge supporter of intellectual property rights, but the fact is that things have changed in the past ten years with regards to IP. I don't think Viacom will actually be able to take down YouTube, but this entire approach is flawed. Instead of making better business decisions they are letting the lawyers do the work (an approach that is not sustainable).
2007-03-13 20:17:00

NBC are now also giving away episodes online, to Americans only. Channel4 and BBC are doing it in the UK
I think TV will die within 10 years, but this may mean less ads and more product placement, which is not a good thing from an artistic point of view :(
2007-03-13 22:30:00

lets just boycott viacom :)
2007-03-14 00:11:00

Viacom threats YouTube to have a better position in the contract negotiations. They know that they can’t stop this upcoming business. But the question is what to do to get as much money as possible. Not only from their IP, but also from the online advertising market which is Googles business case.
2007-03-14 10:39:00

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