Best Adsense Alternatives and Replacements

Posted on:March 06 2007

Maybe you've read, Google banned me from its Adsense program totally unjustified about two weeks ago. Now, they've send me a mail apologizing for this and it looks like I'm in again. Nevertheless, they decided to withdraw 20$ from my account for this asserted 'invalid clicks' of which they still don't provide any details. And because nothing prevents them to do this over and over again, I've searched for some alternatives to Google Adsense, here is what I've tried out:

Text Link Ads

Text-Link-Ads is a program where real links on your website can be bought by people and you'll get a fixed amount of money for this. For example for a small website and 4 permanent links, you can get 200$ per month. I really like this concept, not only because of its simplicity. If I ever want to do internet advertising, I would use this instead of google ads because text link ads are really integrated into a website (not only via java script) so that also bots would follow those links, maybe also increasing your page rank. You can see a small demo of this on the top right side of this blog. Text Link Ads offers payment via paypal, which is a major advantage if you are living not in the U.S. like me (lots of ad programs want you to live there). Another plus: There is a support mail adress, and they are answering quite fast and friendly. They also have a referrer program, for example if you sign up using this link, I get money for this.


Bidvertiser works and looks just like Google Ads. It displays configurable context dependent ads on your website and you get payed per click. Bidvertiser has the image of not paying very much, but according to my experience this is not true. The only disadvantage for me was that they don't have that much advertisers related to the content of my webpages, resulting in uninteresting ads for most visitors and so people would not click that often on the ads. Pros: Bidvertiser offers pay pal payment as well and has a very clean interface.


Some people recommended me to use TargetPoint, and so I signed up to try it out. Unfortunately, they didn't think I'm worthy for their program or maybe they are simply slow. I didn't recieve an answer to my registration until today.

Those three were the few ad companies I tried out after reading websites and reviews of about 2 dozen companies, and I really can recomment the first two: Text Link Ads and Bidvertiser.


I knew it! Google only did this to prevent you from getting your earned cash. Adsense is a scam!

Don't get me wrong... I like google... my home page is google, my e-mail, my RSS reader, when it comes to free stuff they're great... put a bit of money in it, and they're screwed.

there is too much room for exploitation on this click based adds... I am yet to see a system that actually works.
Eduardo Hulshof
2007-03-06 22:00:00

Did you already enable the SourceForge donation system? IIRC you need a paypal account (and give at least 5% to SourceForge). But I'd expect a lot more cash flow :-)
2007-03-07 02:08:00

no, but it's planned
2007-03-07 19:52:00

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