PmWiki vs. Mediawiki

Posted on:February 13 2007

Maybe you've seen this already, there is now a official Irrlicht Engine Wiki available on Feel free to edit and add content there, the only thing you need is a password which is written on the front page of the wiki. If someone would have the time to reproduce the content of the old irrlicht wiki from the webarchive there for example, it would be great. I will also try to add some more useful articles on there soon.

The wiki software I've installed there is PmWiki, although with the skin I used on the page it may look like MediaWiki, the software behind the Wikipedia. I first thought about using Wikipedias software, but after some evaluation, there are several advantages of PmWiki over Mediawiki. One of he biggest advantage for me is that PmWiki stores its data directly on the file system and does not need a database backend, making installation, backups and hacking very easy. And although it doesn't look very stylish with it's default skin, PmWiki also is a very mighty piece of software with tons of configuration possibilities, plugins, skins, documentation pages and hundreds of users. Especially with more than 100 plugins available for PmWiki, you can do almost everything you need. So I can really recommend this software.
If you want to set up your own wiki, there is a comprehensive comparison of wiki software available at wikipedia.


Yay for PmWiki! I use it everywhere as well for exactly the same reasons. And it's a snap to setup, and it's not "bloated"
2007-02-13 21:07:00

@nearaz: What's this? unity spam hidden as comment? how lame. Niko, I would delete this. But I see you are using nofollow tags so it doesn't matter.
2007-02-13 22:20:00

I know close to nothing of wikis, but one feature that is at the very top of my wish list is a "lexer". You know so that C++ code would get highlightings and so on.
Not sure if this is too deficult to implement, but it sure would look nice :)
2007-02-13 23:26:00

Funnily enough I like the fact that MediaWiki is database driven. I have to back up databases anyway, and do it more frequently than files which are much more static. Each to his own though.

@john: Way to overreact. Does the fact that he works for another engine make all his comments deletable? That's not spam - he posts on occasion on my blog too and I don't freak out just because he works for someone else - there _are_ other engines out there than our own. And we can learn from one another most of the time, if we remember our manners.
2007-02-14 00:24:00

lol niko i like the wiki password very creative ;)
2007-02-14 13:06:00

I agree with steve, john, come on :) @leo: so then use it :)
2007-02-14 17:20:00

Can I change the link to my personal page instead?

Just wanted to congrat on the wiki choice. We use it here for internal stuff, for docs, and I use it personally.
2007-02-14 18:28:00

changed it for you. But really, wasn't necessary, it's totally ok. Yep, it's a nice wiki :)
2007-02-14 18:35:00

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