Any Recommendation for a stable Linux Mail Client?

Posted on:February 13 2007

My Evolution Mail client is broken. It looks like its database is corrupted, it reports strange error messages and displays wrong mails. Yippee, I hope I haven't lost any mail. Anyone knows a nice stable visual mail client for Linux? I already used Thunderbird and KMail before and had similar experiences with them.


I was just wondering if maybe the issue could be your anti-virus protection? I know clam and some others handled mailbox files poorly (at least older versions) and would corrupt the data.
2007-02-13 20:02:00

Thunderbird isn't that bad. I'd give it a try again.
2007-02-13 22:21:00

I've used Thunderbird as my primary mail client for about 4 years, never had any issues. That said, I've always used 100% IMAP (Courier) based on a Linux server maildir and not local stores because I like to be able to get to my mail wherever.
2007-02-14 00:12:00

yepp - same here: using Thunderbird and IMAP on the Server, but only for 3 years ;-) - never had any problems so far...
Duncan Mac Leod
2007-02-14 01:18:00

hm, when I used thunderbird it was still in beta, maybe it's better now, so I'll give it a try :)
2007-02-14 17:21:00

Hmm, call me stupid, but I use most of the time webmail clients, like horde or gmx *g*
2007-02-16 18:45:00

You could always use the Lotus client. I find it to be the most stable and visually appealing of all email clients...he he he.

Lotus is the most unstable email client and server I have ever used with some of the weirdest non-patched bugs I have ever seen. Seriously I think I hate Lotus Notes more than Niko hates Bush.

Hopefully there aren't any good open source alternatives and in frustration our favorite graphics guru can come riding in on his sleigh and delivering us the gift of irrMail. I mean he only really works one day a month so surely he can fit this in sometime.
2007-02-16 21:27:00

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