Viacom vs. Irrlicht Community - we win!

Posted on:February 12 2007

On the Irrlicht Forum, Veegun lets us know that the Irrlicht tutorial video hosted at which Viacom claimed to own the copyright on has been restored again. Looks like only a news entry on the frontpage of Slashdot, one of the biggest internet news pages and dozens of blogs and forums was necessary for this. Anyway, it's very nice the situation was solved like this. We won! Thanks to our great community. If you are interested, this was the disputed Irrlicht video, finally unlocked again. And as statistics are interesting, here's the impact of Slashdot-readers coming to our webpage (it's about half a day from the peak to the end of the image):


Glad to hear that Viacom backed down, cause if they did continue to press it they were in for *big* trouble.

You hold complete ownership to the Irrlicht engine and even with that great liscense of yours, Viacom was going to get hurt! I took a law course once and I can't see one thing Viacom could use to even remotely defend themselves.
Jonathan Snyder
2007-02-12 22:40:00

it just shows that we the internet users have the power when it comes to the internet.. not some big co-operation
2007-02-15 09:57:00

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