Hardware Ray Tracing Using Irrlicht

Posted on:January 23 2007

Sio2 posted some great Irrlicht Engine demos on his webpage. One of them shows up with hardware raytraced Irrlicht scenes: Sphere and light scene nodes animated by irrlicht animators raytraced on the GPU in realtime. Great stuff :)
The other ones are impressive as well: They show Irrlicht integrated with Newton Physics, Dynamic Water Reflections, a 3D mesh fader, a toon shader demo, a Doom model loader and - hey even an irrKlang demo! And all demos with source - useful for beginners. Very nice work (related forum post).
I think I should update irrlicht.sf.net a bit with all the demos and games people already created with Irrlicht again. With some of the old crappy screenshots up there it's understandable people believe Irrlicht is for beginners only.


That's right Nicko. People looking on the screenshots and thinking that Irrlicht is some old and unuseful graphic engine. By the way, maybe some new tutorials and examples with some nice games technique/stuff is a good idea. [PS. Sorry for my english]
2007-01-23 21:12:00

I absolutely agree. More tutorials and better screen shots are needed to show how powerful Irrlicht really is.
2007-01-24 01:07:00

But I think niko is quite busy with his jobs. We should help him out.
2007-01-24 09:28:00

Plus, all of Saigumis tutorials seem to be gone...
2007-01-24 14:27:00

working on all this.. :)
2007-01-24 17:08:00

I think the reason people think irrlicht is for beginners is becoz of how simple it is to implement and work with... but i guess its about time you turned your attention back to the irrlicht.sf coz lately you have been working soo very hard on irrKlang and irrEdit... :-)
2007-01-26 08:39:00

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