Webpage fixed, Interesting list of game development libraries

Posted on:January 22 2007

The irrKlang and irrEdit webpages are repaired now, for IE6. I used the stand alone browser from evolt, worked just fine. Wow, and the download rate is increasing again since the fix, very interesting.
While surfing around, I found this game development libray and tool list. I'm not sure, but the blog strangely looks like spam for me. But the page makes sense and lists Irrlicht and irrKlang. Strange. BTW: would be cool if you could link my new free audio library. The more people are using it or asking questions and making suggestions about it, the better it might become :)


Funny, the page writes: ??This blog will comment and talk about the state of the art computer and electronics related themes and also about helping all kinds of people in improving their life. It will also write about exotic countries every week??
Anyway, that's all stuff you'll find on irrlicht3d.org, too. And yes, one might call Austria an 'exotic' country. Somehow.
2007-01-22 20:36:00

your blog is still the better one niko :P
2007-01-22 21:07:00

The blog says that Irrlicht is for beginners...
I don't agree with that!
2007-01-23 10:17:00

Mmmm interesting... i saw some programs i have never seen before.. like the MakeHuman app which sounds interesting to me. Anyways it still does look fishy to me esp if you read his profile...
2007-01-23 11:49:00

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