Trying to debug IE6 without having IE6

Posted on:January 19 2007

People are reporting the download page of irrEdit and half of is blank/destroyed instead of showing its content properly in IE6. And I was wondering why the download stats are lower since the last website update :) (Thanks for reporting, btw!)
Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to remove IE6 when it forced people to update to IE7. None of the 4 PCs in my close vicinity still has IE6 installed. There are multiple ways to get a working IE6 again: The official, Microsoft way is to install VirtualPC with a whole WinXP and IE6 on it. Which means downloading 20 MB for the program and an 495.8 MB image file just to work around a rendering bug of IE6. Another option is to install the IE6 from evolt (a cool website btw, collecting ALL browsers which ever existed) or the similar solution from tredosoft, which I will do, if I'll find some time.


People should have no problem downloading Firefox, just point them to
2007-01-19 21:20:00

I have another choice for you ... running it under linux. It's not the solution which immediately comes into one's mind, but it works (another prove for the superiority and freedom of linux). I am using linux nearly all the time and read your latest experiences with ubuntu.

Get an install script here:
2007-01-20 02:19:00

It is NOT the "perfect solution" but could give some useful infos...

[Screenshots of given URL in chosen browsers]

Hope that Helps...
2007-01-20 05:35:00

Now where you are a ubuntu user too: there is another way:

A little shellscript that installs IE5/5.5/6 and optional 6 with the 7 rendering engine on your linux box.
Armin Ronacher
2007-01-20 13:21:00

This is the problem with IE so much tied to Windows operating system. MS should have think about it when they made it so dependent on their platform. Not only it is difficult for developers to have sites that work well with IE and other browsers (an expected result for Microsoft), but also with different versions of IE (that must an unexpected result for them).
2007-01-21 20:27:00
2007-01-28 18:48:00

Just suggest anyone having problems buys a Mac and OS X.
2007-01-30 20:54:00

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