Posted on:January 03 2007

Yay, D 1.0 (wikipedia) (looks like the official D page is down now) has been finished today. I know, there are a lot of new programming languages, but as far as I've seen, D may be worth a look, especially if you are a C++ prorammer like me. I'm trying to learn (or better: play around with) at least one new programming language per year, so maybe D would be a nice target for 2007. And it sounds promising: It tries to combine the power of modern languages like C# and it's slow brother and the performance of C and C++. It has a GC but you can use manual memory management via new and delete if wished, C libraries can be directly used, it has a fast compiler by design (there are two implementations already, DMD and GCC) and lots of this modern useful stuff like delegates, closures, static ifs, contracts, built-in threads, is expressions etc which I personally miss in C++. If you take a look at some example code, you can easily see that they really thought about the syntax when designing the language. I think I can live without multiple inheritance for most projects, but it hurts a bit. And first I thought that a systems programming language without a preprocessor is quite senseless, but then I learned that D provides a nice conditional compilation mechanism similar to C# which is ok for me. I hope I've some time to play around with it soon.


I don't know about D yet... still looks kinda ugly to me... guess I love C++ too much for my own good.
2007-01-03 18:47:00

I'm a C/C++ guy who's been spoiled by PHP and the like. I was reading about D recently and it sounded interesting, but is it 'stable'? I mean, is it something one can invest time into working with and not find out it's not ready for serious large-project coding?

Are there any major projects being worked on in it? Irrlicht bindings...? :)
2007-01-03 23:35:00

Oh, crap, the CMS used here exposes email addresses publicly if I don't have an account...that's unfriendly. And apparently it doesn't store passwords as a hash, but in plaintext...(or so it says in the registration screen).

(Sorry, that's the web developer side of me flaring up. ;))
2007-01-03 23:41:00

"Oh, crap, the CMS used here exposes email addresses publicly if I don’t have an account…that’s unfriendly."
That's not unfriendly. What's the point of telling your address if you don't want people to see it? Just leave it blank. O_o
2007-01-04 09:29:00


- i'm missing proberties like in C#.
- i also don't like that they used the import keyword.
- i also don't like the syntax of the foreach loop.

but it's quite an interessting new language.
i think we really need C++ 2.0 with properties, delegates, buildin-thread, foreach, template-enums and static-if.

2007-01-04 11:02:00

"That’s not unfriendly. What’s the point of telling your address if you don’t want people to see it? Just leave it blank. O_o"

Most modern CMS comment systems require a working email address for non-registered users. The address is used for verification purposes to cut down on anonymous posting spam.

Either way, it hasn't been acceptable for software to link to or display someones email address in a public place without any sort of anti-spam armoring ("x (at) y (dot) com", a CAPTCHA-like obfuscated image with the address on it, and so forth). The address is usually highly guarded like this to keep it hidden from the roving bands of address harvesting crawlers.

Generally the address is tucked away in the database and only used for site notices or thread reply notification.
2007-01-04 13:18:00

i think we really need C++ 2.0 with properties, delegates, buildin-thread, foreach, template-enums and static-if.

I spend all day at work with my head in PHP, and then I come home, start doing C++ and instinctively whip out a foreach and then very sadly start backspacing over it. It's so tragic. :~(
2007-01-04 13:41:00

Fortyseven: I still think that Email: field is just fine. If you want to trick the unhuman-readers just do it yourself(that's also safer) and the mail is not required to post here.

foreach in C++ would be bad beacause it mixes language and library. BTW there is for_each. :P With some boost trickery it's even quite compact to use that... but still tricky to figure that out. :( I end up just making a for loop instead of using the standard library's algorithms, which sucks.
2007-01-05 13:46:00

I'm quite defensive about C++... best thing that happened to man, but D looks ok aswell. Maybe I'll have to give it a try.
2007-01-05 13:47:00

fortyseven: I can delete your adress if you like.
2007-01-05 17:29:00

That would rock, sir. Appreciated. :)
2007-01-05 17:55:00

np. should be done :)
2007-01-05 17:59:00

I read that the D language has not been updated since 2004! That is a long time ago! I think the D language is too unsupported and unstable. What the language needs is a specialty. D really doesn't have any specialty except the proposed ultimate language of Java, C++ and C#. That isn't enough to make everyone hop the band wagon. I think that there needs to be either a D development suite(specializing in WYSIWYG form design) and/or backing from a large commercial company. Without either, I don't think that D language will go much further.
2007-01-09 08:11:00

D language.. if it isnt another one letter language.. i mean they should have called it something even Dee sounds great.. Anyways I saw the comperision chart and it looks like the guys who made D just decided to combine all properties of C++ ,Java and C# .. While this is a great the biggest problem is that if someone decides to move to D he would have to rewrite is entire program. One thing they should have done in order to boost the lauguage would have been to add a Sorce code covertor.. from java => D , C# => D and may be C++ => D. thats one of the tricks that was used by C#. Did you know you can convert Java into C#. Anyhows D really sounds like a great language.
2007-01-09 09:59:00

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