X-mas Spam Gold Rush

Posted on:December 15 2006

Looks like I'm not only affected by the regular x-mas spam gold rush via mail this year. Remember the blog entry where I posted the strangest search queries (all sex releated and a bit perverted) which people entered and found this blog - for whatever reason? I had to take that blog entry down now, because some bot net is filling that entry with referrer spam. Which is my best guess at least.
Fact is that today, several zombies started requesting that page with faked referrer pages like ask-for-big-tits dot com or sex-game_cards dot com (names a bit modified). And only using that one blog entry as target. Don't know what other reason they could have to do this. Or maybe they didn't like that this blog is number one listed on google with that search query, so they started that kind of DDOS attack? Strange is also that the content of the websites with the referring spam is quite normal. Pages about celebrities, with real content. Maybe sites trying to attract users with browsers with security holes to assemble an even bigger botnet?
At least I hope they'll stop some day. They started about 8 hours ago, and still are going on like this, currently 'only' with about 3 hits per minute, fortunately. No idea what I could do if this doesn't stop.
Update: Now about 24 hours later: 10 hits per minute.


damn spammers..
2006-12-16 10:43:00

try burning the IPs.. I dont know how spammaers work but if its posible you can just burn there bloody IPs each time they try and attack your site...
2006-12-18 16:28:00

hm, it's a bot net. hundrets of ips. :) But it's already better now.
2006-12-18 18:14:00

bloody spammers... but i guess someone had to make the bot.. he must be proud to see it work... but what can we do the net would such a boring place without them... search bots like gooles help alot...
2006-12-19 09:13:00

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