Extremo programming. AKA deaf programming.

Posted on:December 11 2006

Last weekend I made some interesting new software development experiences. I started to implement the possibility to switch between various rolloff models in irrKlang, the free sound engine I am working on, which was pretty easy because irrKlang internaly is not limited to the DirectSound way sounds are output in 3D. The only problem: I couldn't hear anything. Not that irrKlang or Windows or my speakers didn't output anything, the sound waves just didn't reach myself - they got stuck somewhere between my ears and my brain. The reason was that there happened this In Extremo concert the day before, and it looks like we were standing a bit to close to the loudspeakers (long story explained here, german). So yes - programming a sound engine without the ability to hear is a bit.. stupid.
Fortunately, about 2 days later I had regained nearly 100% of my sense of hearing, and tried out irrKlang to test what I wrote before. And everything worked as expected, hurray. :)
So did I invent a new software development paradigm - as I did before - again? Going to call it 'extremo programming'. Only possible up two days after attending an In Extremo concert. :)


"Fortunately, about 2 days later I had regained nearly 100% of my sense of hearing,"
Nah, you just got used to being deaf. :P
2006-12-12 09:10:00

in extremo is a nice band, have to watch them live as well..
2006-12-12 18:59:00

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