Posted on:December 06 2006

Only two bad Nikolaus jokes caught today. It's getting better every year.


Glad to hear you're so jolly!
2006-12-07 02:26:00

Damn it, I'm too late. :( Remind me next year, I'm sure I can come up with terribly bad jokes. :o I hope.
2006-12-07 10:25:00


Then again the year aint over Niko...

I will get the last laugh.... hahahaha :-D
2006-12-07 12:46:00

you do not know how much I understand to you... you wrote a graphic engine, how many graphic engines wrote who done that bad jokes?
white tiger
2006-12-07 16:27:00

Only two bad Nikolaus jokes caught today. It's getting better every year.

Maybe I am dumb, or maybe this is an inside joke but could anyone explain this to me. :)
2006-12-08 01:43:00

mmm.. so you received my letter already
2006-12-08 04:03:00

In austria the Nikolaus is something like santa claus who comes on december the 6th.
So if your name is Nikolaus you have to live with jokes ;)

It's the same like you would live in the united states and your name were Santa Claus
2006-12-08 11:37:00

zie ginds komt de stoomboot...
2006-12-09 02:23:00

Hello every body!

Well i know, here is the wrog place for this posting,
but i couldnt register as new user, cause of some php-db error.

So someone could be kind enough to move this posting to the place where it should be.

We made use of irrlicht-engine for doing a simple driving simulater.
We added DX9Input - for Wheel and Brace-Accel.
So far nothing special at all.

By Triangle-selction, we got the current normal, and send it to the
driving-simulators-platform, which got some pneumatic actors!

A nice picture, we could add here.
Someone could be interestet on DX9Inp. library - we created.
Maby add to irrlicht lib itself or any daughter project.

Further i recogniced, that normal-vectors for the
C3DLoader dont exist, since they are supposed to be normal to each triangle loaded.
Its not very few work, cause same points can only be identified via same
vertice information.

We started to undergo this via asking each point the triangle involved,
and mid the normal-vector. (For getting smoother signals- moving the platform,
rather than "step" signals)

Regards Wolfgang Esterbauer (uni-linz - uppe
Wolfgang esterba
2006-12-11 14:20:00

Might I suggest waiting for a couple of hours and see if the php error is resolved. Someone noticing this post, copying it to the proper place, and then notifying you of the change would take considerably longer than simply waiting for the registration script to be corrected. I would imagine if your dll is THAT amazing it could probably wait say 1... maybe 2 days at the most for it to be exposed to the world.

But hey, you never know, Nikolaus may be tired after delivering all of those gifts and may be taking some time off to recover from the stress.
2006-12-11 16:02:00

hope it's working again, if not, going to try to fix it tomorrow, too tired now :) lol @ tsm :)
2006-12-11 23:59:00

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