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Posted on:December 06 2006

André Meister sent me some pictures he made using irrEdit, the lightmapper/world editor I wrote:
Very nice. Some other people did this as well, thank you very much. Can't get enough of them. Going to add a new screenshot section on the website for those people allowing me to publish their pictures there.


Good lighting and model, it's awesome !
2006-12-06 21:07:00

WOW looks really cool. Ok something i hope to see in irrEdit in the future. The ability to add libraries ie something like the textures panel but instead of textures it should be meshes.. Therefore someone can just add a folder and all the thumbnails will be displayed.. should be really hard to impliment the current list view is ok for now, no need for thumbnails yet but just consider it..

Ok for some off topic stuff

Any chance we will see a irrlicht GUI Interface Creator. or maybe it can be added in irrEdit / irrEditGUI. I am just thinking of just a simple interface that allows users to add buttons and stuff for making the GUI interface.. it will deal more with the 2d part of irrlicht. a simple way of draging 2d images on an interface and add things like on Mouse move and on mouse click call method.. which can be a script that calls a method in the program. anyways it just a request because designing a good GUI interface through programing is abit... well you get the idea... :-)
2006-12-07 12:42:00

Good work, whether I can when нибудь also
2006-12-26 03:09:00

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