How to fight computer game addiction

Posted on:November 17 2006

Since I'm a computer gamer for the same amount of time as I am writing programs on those PCs - nearly 20 years now (boy, I'm getting old..) - I've suffered a phenomenon I would call 'RPG addiction' from time to time. It occurrs every time I've bought a new role playing game, resulting in lots of sleepless nights, extremely reduced social life, undone real life tasks, unhappy girlfriends and so on. Fortunately I think I've become immune to this illness and found some ways to fight its symtoms. Since the rise of the MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Second Life, this problem has become very popular and known all over the world so maybe I can share some of my experience on how to get over it:
So basically what I do is.. hm, no, wait. Gotta go and play Oblivion. Sorry.


lol :P
2006-11-17 16:53:00

Haha. Nice!
Jason Olson
2006-11-17 19:08:00

So I guess this is a recommendation? :-)
2006-11-17 20:30:00

Seems so... To bad my computer is too old for this... Will Morrowind do?
Or FarCry... you know what... I think i'll play that right now....
Screw my thoughts of working on my website or practicing C++ programming. (We had early dismissal at school :-D )
Nooo.... Too many games to choose from... Cannot decide on what to play... argh...
Anyway... good recommendation... ;-)
2006-11-17 21:48:00

Must... resis...t... temp...t...ation... to play c...opm...uter games.... Listen to good mu..sic... work...on... w...eb..sit...e...
2006-11-17 21:50:00

(too immersed in the game to make sense of the subject of discussion, suddenly snaps) "Huh?"
2006-11-18 08:59:00

beautiful screenshot :)
2006-11-18 10:03:00

oblivion, gothic III, and NWN 2 have all drained a good deal of time from my life. But I've finished them all! :P Of course all the late night gaming and sleepless nights (once I played on for like 17 h without sleep). Then slept for like 4 h and continued playing. :O
2006-11-19 03:23:00

Aren't you happy with your illness? Actually, I realy want to feel goodness of pc-game. In other word, I grow insensible to enjoy any game... T T
2006-11-20 01:30:00

My poor wasted youth... all because of Diablo2 - NWN 2 - Dungeon Siege 2 - Final Fantasy XIII - World of Warcraft - Morrowind the usaul line up... if only i got paid to play games... my life would be complete... but then again i would have to play sucky games...
Well niko the only way to get over a game is either to finish it or rather get to a point where you cant go any further ie level 99 that works for me... ps always avoid cheats no matter how hard a game is its better to get a walkthourgh than to cheat... Happy Gaming And thank to irrlicht i can finally achive my dream and make my very own RPG
2006-11-20 10:19:00

Addicition is Gears Of War multiplayer... but, you can't get it in Germany can you? ;P

That is an amazing game.
2006-11-20 10:25:00

Final Fantasy X-2!!!!!!
Asa Conkwright
2006-12-04 16:56:00

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