Documentary Recommendation - "Press For Truth"

Posted on:October 22 2006

Nothing on the TV this evening? Try this excellent documentary about 9/11, directly from google video, duration: 1:24h. Shows the facts in a more objective way (than sometimes usual on this blog) and IMO the incredible incompetence of the politicans as well as the strange selfcensorship of the media after 9/11. One of the interesting buzzfacts presented there which I didn't know yet:
  • Money spent on the Lewinski investigation: > $100 million
  • Money spent on 9/11 investigation: $3 million (after public pressure later raised to only $14 million)
I think this shows the real problem with 'the war on terror' very well.


This one is great too:
2006-10-22 18:46:00

i really hope you aren't one of those conspiracy nuts who insists there was no plane that hit the pentagon or that the government arranged 9/11. that ranks up there with those that thought the moon landing was a hoax, pretty sad. in any case, the problem was not so much with the investigation, as with the response to the attack. i can agree the government should have better focused their efforts in afghanistan, and had better proof of the WMD's in iraq before invading, but to doubt the attacks themselves is nonsense.
2006-10-22 18:50:00

It's not about doubting the attacks... planes have hit the pentagon and the WTC towers...

Its about putting in question the official version that hasnt given any substantial proof to back itself up and is laid with incoherencies. Same followed again with the Afghan and Iraq wars that have been conducted without proper justification, as in - real material evidences and backed by serious facts. "We believe that" isnt a very good justification to back a war where American soliders and civilians are going to die.

If I give a "I belive that" to justify a decision I'm taking in my company... I'm gonna get my ass kicked. Its sad that a governement doesnt have the decency to respect even the most basic procedures, and put ppl's lives at stake for what is most likely the personal interest of the ppl in power. Its just completly irresponsible on their side, they obviously lost sight of the fact that they are their to serve the ppl and not the other way around...

Whether the american gov is behind it, again, not that important, what is really problematic is that hundred of billions/millions are spent on trivalities (see... superbowl, clinton's sex life, halo2, MI3... ) and only peanuts in comparison are spent on real matters (WTC attacks investigation, social security, environment protection, etc... ) things that actually will affect you and your kids life quality every day in a negative or positive manner depending of how coherently those are handled. That goes for the whole society, the gov alone is not responsible for that... but its responsible for the defence budget ---
2006-10-23 03:13:00

Thanks for the hint. Yesterday, I really didn't know what to watch, so this was just perfect.
2006-10-23 11:27:00

The funny thing is how these acts are seen like 'evil' and throwing a nuclear bomb in two cities, killin more than 200,000 people is not...
2006-10-23 23:33:00

to buhatkj:

It is rediculous I agree to think no plane hit the pentagon. But to generalize everyone who has gathered evidence that hints that some officials had something in the least to do with it. There is no nut in that evaluation, only people who think our government are angels, which is total shit. With power brings corruption, and you are the nut case if you don't know that. Stop being a part of the problem in the procrastination of a new investigation and start being a part of the solution... Finding out who knew what, and when. We owe it to the families. So stop being a part of the problem, and listen to what the victim's families have to say about the so called "investigation." Be a real patriot. I know there are nut cases out there, it has always been that way. BUT WE NEED ANOTHER INVESTIGATION. So we have seen from the second investigation of JFK, who by the way found a conspiracy. But the justice department did not wish to investigate further into its own corruption.

So I ask everyone who generalizes the voice of dissent on 9-11 to stop generalizing and support us when we ask for a new investigation. Besides, can you say "no" to more information. Especially when it is the victim's families that ask for it? How incredibly dumb can you possibly be?
2006-10-24 06:45:00

Anyways, He can make up his own goddamn mind on what he wants to be. So no man, I won't think you are a nut case. I think you are a true help to me, as an American. In pursuit of the truth. Since we don't have enough evidence to support the governments claims, we have to resort to alternative means because the official investigation was a load of crap. So I don't blame the nut cases, I blame the government for not giving us the truth. And so should everyone.
2006-10-24 06:49:00

yeah, i've studied everything i could gather on 9/11 for almost 2 years now, there's no doubt in my mind that the US government _atleast_ had something to do with the attacks. I fart in the general direction of people who claims "theories" like mine to be of nut-case value, they obviously haven't looked at the bigger picture.

Think about this then, if the "terrorists" motives was real ("they hate our freedom") now why would Bush strip them all away? He must be working for the terrorists then. God! you people don't even have Haebus coprus anymore.
2006-10-24 19:13:00

good point piip4, under Bush's own legislation he could be convicted for harboring terrorist. These fools... No one else sees the irony in all this except me and piip4?
2006-10-26 06:59:00

There's also another problem with that "motive". If it was real then why didn't they attack Northern Europe? There are countries there with more freedom than in the US, even before 9/11. And they are alot closer to Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan too so why not them?

I find it real sad that doing objective analysis on serious stuff like 9/11 is frowned upon. We are all supposed to take the governments words for it on everything that happened on that day yet they show _no_ evidence of their radical claims. Atleast the "nut-cases" try to show and expose as much evidence as possible and make a realistic conclusion based on the facts presented, but then they are "un-american"?
2006-10-28 13:26:00

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