IE 7 released

Posted on:October 19 2006

IE 6 was released in August 2001. Now, only some few years later, IE7 (although not available as german version yet) has been released today, and I played around with it a bit. Nice tool. Some things I noticed:
  • Tabbed browsing, yippe! But why did they make the toolbar share the same row with the tool buttons? Do they still think the average user will only open 4-5 pages at maximum at the same time? Strange. Also, it looks like there is no way to reorder the tool bar rows, only horizontal moving is possible after unlocking it. Very strange.
  • Looks like they invested some time into the .rss reader. It is very clear and functional, and I like it. Except the fact that it doesn't display feeds with DTDs in it. It doesn't even try to display the real content then, it simply displays an error message.
  • All fonts are now blurred or very antialiased. Makes me feel like I need new glasses. It's adjustable but a bit shocking in the beginning.
  • The interface looks ugly when using the Win2k skin. With the WindowsXP style it's ok.
  • The report-as-pishing-site-with-one-click-button at the bottom makes me shiver. No, nobody would ever report pages of competitors as pishing pages, right?
  • Some .css stuff on some of my websites doesn't work with it anymore, but nothing important. And as long as Opera and Firefox still agree that I am right and IE is wrong, I think I'll just keep it like that.
Anyway, a nice new browser, finally the average user has tabs too. But I'll stick to Opera nevertheless.


Microsoft is probably hoping IE7 will gain the grounds that IE6 lost, but I doubt it. If they're lucky, they'll stay at whatever they're currently at (85 percent comes to mind). At worst, the new interface, just like Vista's, will annoy and confuse the average IE6 user. And by average, I mean the typical user who doesn't know any better. Especially those who think their CD-ROM drive is a cup-holder.
2006-10-19 18:12:00

Hope FireFox and Opera won't disappear now..
2006-10-19 19:49:00

I hate tabs, i'm too used to looking in the taskbar to see what's open.
2006-10-19 20:27:00

*Opera* is for the power user and I use it to browse the web, for development I usually go with *Firefox*. Something I miss in *Firefox* that has been in *Opera* for a while is the easy way you can just navigate your bookmarks tree and click the "Bookmark page..." button. But, what makes it so different from the *Firefox* way? well, you can check if you have a bookmark already in your list (I collect a lot of useful URLs), this I find very useful.

Oh, I miss the _Save session_ stuff that *Opera* has, too bad *Firefox* doesn't have it (they think that people only open 10-15 tabs at one time ;)). I usually have 3 sessions, each with 15-25 tabs in it.

Something else I would like to see, this time in *Opera* is the ability to save just the _current_ window as a session (to have the option to do or not do it). Because currently it saves _ALL_ your opened windows as a session. So if I open my _Ruby session_, my _Game development_ session and my _Daily stuff_ session, and I want to add a new tab to my _Ruby_ one and *SAVE* it, I have to close everything else, except the *Ruby* one, or *ALL* the windows will be saved and opened, next time I try to load my _Ruby session_.
2006-10-19 20:57:00

bicunisa, there's an extension for Firefox which saves your session so you can restore it later. In Firefox 2.0, this has become a standard feature.
2006-10-20 02:28:00

Take a look at flock -
It's something I've been messing around with for a bit.
2006-10-20 07:37:00

I remember I had tested IE7 when the first beta was released, I found it was quite nicer than IE6 but still not enough... I will remain on IceWeasel ( ) :D
2006-10-21 09:00:00

Firefox 2 does have a "Save Session" - you need to add in pref.js a new line.
2006-11-06 05:11:00

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