Battlefield 2142 Demo

Posted on:October 09 2006

Anyone tried the Battlefield 2142 Demo which has been released last weekend? On my PC, it's nearly unplayable. I get about one frame every 2 seconds. Even after reducing everything to the minimum details. What I've seen just looked like Battlefield 2 with new textures and 3D models. But maybe I'm wrong. Need to upgrade my hardware soon.
And BTW: Is it just me or isn't 1 GB a bit too huge for a one level multiplayer only demo? Especially if there is only one download sever in the german area, because they bought the exclusive right (which again seems very useless IMO)?


1GB for a demo! Damn thats huge, i havent tried it and nor am i willing to on my S L O W internet! But i cant imagine why it wud take 1gb for juz a single round demo, even if it has a lot of tanks and guns in the game!
2006-10-09 21:11:00

You're better of download the newest America's Army, which now has loads more features like new uniforms and gear and vehicles as well. And... it's free. BF 2142 == bloat.
2006-10-09 22:07:00

i played it briefly, yeh it did seema bit big, but more the issue fro me was that just like bf2 i had some pretty severe lag issues on every server i tried. i dunno, maybe its my dsl, but i dont think its my pc really, my framerate was ok, i just had awful ping sucks, i really liked bf2 when it worked, and 2142 looks like a lot of fun, i just wish i could find a server that worked better for me...
2006-10-10 03:51:00

1GB is pretty common now for XBox 360 Demo Downloads (NFS Carbon being just over a gig). And it takes forever on there to d/l sometimes. I guess that's the way things are heading!
computer gamer
2006-10-10 05:58:00

1GB for a single level??? You ought to be able to pack a small European country into a map that big ;)

Does anyone know how big the retail version is? I would estimate that it couldn't be over about 10GB max, as the load times from a DVD would be horrific. Unless of course, they want you to install the entire thing on your HD, and that would truly suck.

How long does the Demo take to load its one level, anyway?
2006-10-10 13:43:00

the level itself is just about 67 mb in size.
what makes it so big are the movies, sound and 3d objects (vehicles, static objects, weapons) that are used by every level.
the full version seems to be ~2 gig
2006-10-10 15:02:00 <-- very good blog post about the new battlefield.

Armin Ronacher
2006-10-10 15:11:00

somebody else on my network was running a bittorrent, once they were done, my ping improved. the connection still got stupid on me occasionally, and i'd end up pressing no buttons, and still walking in some direction. can't tell you how many times i got killed cuz i was slapping the fire button and it wouldnt fire, but still it was pretty damn fun despite the network hiccups. i had to crank it down pretty low too, settings-wise. i dont have junk hardware either, my laptop has a gf6800 256mb and a 1.73 ghz pentium m with 1gb ram. still, just 1024x768 with no AA to get a decent framerate...
2006-10-10 16:37:00

battlefield2 was huge too... Recording to me it's not a good engine.
2006-10-10 21:58:00

Well, my computer is Athlon 3700+/1Gb/ATI 800XT GTO 256Mb - the demo works just fine with medium settings - 70-80 fps

And please, :) dont play America's Army - it's an evil game sponsored by an evil organization!
2006-10-19 21:48:00

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