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Posted on:September 29 2006

Reading fefe ranting about a former employer of me made me laugth, and reminded me on my intention of reposting some of those links every week. Does someone have a better title for this weekly post? But who knows, maybe this isn't a good idea at all and I'll stop this anyway. Ok, so here we go, this happened last week:


oh no... dude, don't stop these posts. Sure it's sad but damn, posting those links is at least doing something about it.
2006-09-29 20:51:00

yes, very nice!
2006-09-29 23:24:00

Yah, those soldiers in the Humvee weren't willing to get shot for 3 broken down trucks. It's sad that those drivers had to die when support should have been provided. If there were more soldiers in the convoy than that one Humvee than I would be right pissed about this. I realize that they coulda done something, but in that street the Humvee woulda got owned. Poor job on protecting the drivers, should of had at least 3 Humvees with proper directions. On another note, whoever is in charge of the policies that allow for drivers to lack directions on the job and to get injured drivers fired should be fired. Someone (in government) needs to/should have done something about this by:
a) contacting Haliburton and fixing policies, and
b) getting more Humvees/protection for convoy drivers.
2006-09-30 05:14:00

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