Doom - the movie

Posted on:September 09 2006

Because nobody wanted to watch it with me when it was shown in the cinemas, I waited for the DVD release of Doom, the movie version of the computer game series by idSoftware. I finally bought it and watched it yesterday, togther with an involuntary guineapig.
My opinion in short: The best part of the Doom DVD is the package. It has a nice picture with embossed printing on it. That's it. Sadly the boxing is more interesting and entertaining than the content of the DVD. And if you know or have played some of the Doom games, the movie really is embarrassing, a pity. I know - there is not much story in the games to make it easy to make a movie from it. But if you create a crappy, boring movie, why not keeping to the very few story elements or the most important elements of that game?

In the Doom games, a Space Marine fights against fire ball throwing demons from Hell. In the movie some special force with a strange name fights against mutants and zombies (!) who don't use any weapons, destroying the complete atmosphere of the games. In most scenes, they don't even use the weapons Doom is known for (chainsaw, shot gun). Combined with lots of stupid dialogs, a senseless story, actors running pointless around in boring corridors with elusive motivations, the movie is absolutely dull. And interestingly, there are lots of typical horror movie like scenes, but they don't scare you at all just like you know it from other movies. I don't know how they acieved that effect. :)
At least they put a lot of Doom-player friendly stuff in there, like a scientist named "Dr. Carmack", an about 3 minute scene where you see everyhting form the first person view as in the games with an original doom like music theme in the background, Doom3 like looking monsters and more.
Wow, after writing this, I got an appetite to play Doom or Doom2 again.


i totally agree with you!i wonder why movie directors are so eager to spoil and ruin cool games like doom!

i hope they don't actually jinx the game--like they did with the resident evil and tombraider series!
2006-09-09 15:19:00

i happened to like the movie, myself

and i too got the urge to go play DOOM after watching it the first time :D
The Anaconda
2006-09-09 16:30:00

you are sooo right!
2006-09-09 16:44:00

Hm. I watched the movie in the cinema. And I liked it! I really think (and thought while watching the movie) that it must suck when you look it at home. But I was there with 2 friends and 3 other random guys completely alone. The sound was extrem cool.
In one scene everthing was totally silent. Then the whole room started to vibrate because of the bass! And it was getting louder and louder - really cool.

So summary: Watching the movie at home must quite suck, but I think looking it in a huge cinema nearly alone makes the movie quite good :)
2006-09-09 17:05:00

I actually thought it was one of the better game-based movies - they're normally a lot worse than this ;) Sure, it wasn't good, but I had expected far more of a train wreck than what I saw. Go watch Street Fighter to put it in perspective :)
2006-09-09 18:19:00

hmm - IMHO the DooM-Games have no 'story' at all - they are just ego-shooters with a nice Game-/Render-Engine, nothing more... - so why should the Movie have a Story then..? The BEST Game from id Software was 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' - best story of a FPS so far (would like to see a Movie from RTCW!!!)...
Duncan Mac Leod
2006-09-10 01:20:00

I would say it was alright. I think it would have been a whole lot better without the first person shooter sequence. That part was just cheesy I thought.
2006-09-10 02:07:00

the DOOM games have no story? lol yes they do, there was even a novel series done for the story (four books, though it supposedly departs from the story by the 4th, i dunno ive only read the first two)
The Anaconda
2006-09-10 02:23:00

I thought the movie was going pretty well, then the FPS scene hit and the movie went out of control like a car that hit a patch of ice. I really wanted for this movie to be good and I think it could have if they just had a better last 1/4 of the moive.
2006-09-10 05:43:00

I've taken the DVD only for the Carmack's interview ^_^

Have you all the sensation that Some Games must be only Games... and they are better then the film??

Resident Evil... game is too better
Alone in the Dark... game is better
House of the dead... film is @#]@#@# (uncomment!)
Silent Hill... same of the others!
DOOM... the game has a sense (even with little story) film is good only for the carmack's interview ^^
Tomb Rider... (nice Agelina Jolie) the rest is comic

that's what I think!
2006-09-10 12:09:00

DOOM was an example of what happens when you make a movie to make money rather than making a movie with a real purpose. Most video game==> movies aren't very good, but they could be if they stopped worrying about making cool BFG explosions and crap and started worrying about making something with some value... I think I could've made a better movie...
2006-09-11 13:16:00

By the sounds of it, maybe someone playing Doom3 and recording it might have been better to watch :D.
2006-09-15 10:16:00

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