Irrlicht XML parser design

Posted on:May 12 2005

One of the most criticized features of Irrlicht is its own XML parser. Most people didn't understand why I wrote it and didn't use one of the existing free parsers. So, ignoring this, the parser is still in there and it is getting better and more mature every release. For the 0.10.0 release of Irrlicht, there will be something new: The parser will be completely independent of Irrlicht and have lots of cool new features. That's the new sourceforge project I was trying to register.
I redesigned it, and now it is better, faster, etc, but it is template based now. And I hope this doesn't frighten users. I mean, templates in general and things like
return new CXMLReaderImpl<wchar_t, IXMLReader>(
new CIrrXMLFileReadCallBack(file));
simply don't look very user friendly, and a programmer is - after all a user.


cool! it seems a bit complicated (because i'm not an advanced programmer), so I hope you will explain how to use it. ;-)
2005-05-12 17:54:00

Great, looks like now also non-wide-char text files can be parsed. And couldn't you include some typedefs to make things easier?
2005-05-12 18:01:00

yep, lot'S of typedef's :)
2005-05-12 18:20:00

Groovy!....also what would be really schweet would be a tab-delimited and comma-delimited parser. i can never get any to work.
2005-05-12 22:34:00

I love templates like whipped cream covered butter.
2005-05-13 04:22:00

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