The Big Lebowski and 911

Posted on:August 01 2006

Two online video recommendations:
- Summary of The Big Lebowski, duration about 2 minutes, you'll love it even if you don't know the film.
- Loose Change 2nd Edition, duration about 1 hour 20 minutes worth watching it. Unrolling the events of September 11th, looking behind the scenes. Shocking. Some of the stuff shown there doesn't make sense at all, but some does and it's incredible.


Make sure you look at some of the anti-Loose Change websites, so you get both sides of the story.
2006-08-01 23:11:00
2006-08-01 23:59:00

(note: I have watched Loose Change 2nd Edition already)

That site was good reading, I read the article in Popular Mechanics linked to off of the site and it easily debunked most if not all of the conspiracy theories I have read/heard of.

Personally I think that anyone who thinks Bush is responsible is misled and should have researched both sides of the issue (sort of like every time people blame Bush *cough*War in Iraq*cough*)... anyways I thought I would post the link to that Popular Mechanics article, it's at this address:
2006-08-02 06:54:00

Our government did not blow up our own building, niko ;-) Loose change is just a sensational video from conspiracy theorist.
Matthew Johnson
2006-08-03 17:20:00

if you say it, it must be true.
2006-08-03 18:04:00

I don't beleive either story... Know why? Because everytime Popular Mechanics publishes something about conspiracy theories about 9-11... The Scholars for 911 truth go right behind then and debunk them... With interest... So sorry fellows... But your poor little popular mechanics has been debunked plenty...
2006-08-11 01:12:00

Ummm, this time it is popular mechanics that is debunking a conspiracy... they're NOT making one up. And when have you ever seen PM make up a conspiracy theory? lol :D. Read the article next time.
2006-08-14 06:36:00

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