USA molesting Germany

Posted on:July 27 2006

Ok, so this is sexual harassment? (Video)

Bush touching German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Looks like they are discussing this 'sexual harassment' in the US. But I hope not seriously. Or hopefully only some very few very uptight Mormons. Otherwise, we can write one more time: America - home of the sexual disfunctional?


//speaks as a Mormon

this is supposed to be sexual harassment? o_O

anyways, Japan's the home of the sexual dysfunctional, not here :p
The Anaconda
2006-07-27 17:33:00

She looked like she had her first orgasm...

Bush just wanted to be a nice guy, he hasn't realized yet, that this is not the backstreet of his Jr. High.
2006-07-27 21:51:00

2006-07-28 09:20:00

although im german i wouldnt even touch her ;)
2006-07-28 14:47:00

Niko, I disagree. Discussing this issue is in no way a sign of sexual disfunction.
Imagine a company meeting, where you come in and give such a "neck rub quickie" to the only woman present (who you know from some business meetings only). I think this IS sexual harassment. Does George give this rub to Blair usually, while crawling Chirac's hair the other day (or searching for pimples on Putin's head)? I don't think so.
May it be a "informal, regular-guy's action" or not, it was good for a slap right away. Sadly enough, Angela is too polite for this.. ;-)

Here is an article, too:
2006-07-28 21:26:00

// Speaking as an ex-Mormon :P

Actually, this IS sexual harrasssment, or at the absolute least - dicriminatory intimidation. After all, have you seen Bush give any other leader a back-rub (asked for or otherwise)? Can you imagine the reaction of your typical male politician (Republican or Democrat) reacting to this in a positive manner from the President?

Bush is by no means close enough to give a back-rub to the Chancellor without request/permission. This is not Bush-bashing by any means. If any guy did this to my wife (with the same familiarity level as that shared by the US President & German Chancellor) - I'd have his balls.

Eternl Knight
2006-07-29 07:51:00

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