Blogging about my job

Posted on:July 26 2006

Lots of people are not allowed to blog about their jobs or employers, but as far as I know, I am. Especially since I'm no longer working in the game development area, this strange secretiveness has stopped. By accident, I just read the blog of this guy, working for Sproing, a Vienna based game development studio, ranting about his coworkers there. (e.g: "And there's always at least one artist that has never heard of the 'n to the power of 2' concept in tile & texture size."). Uh?!
I never felt the need to blog about my work, at most sometimes I am blogging about the release of a product I've been working on, but only because I like what I do and so am fond of seeing the piece of software released, hoping that people like it. And I also think I would never write about negative things I've experienced in my job; Maybe because a blog is not the right plaform to do that, starting a fight with coworkers is more constructive and more fun of course. ;)


Sometimes I write something about my job(not a developer job). often, my statement isn't especially positive, but I stand for it, and I say it also. you're right, that a blog isn't a quite correct platform to write about negative experiences, but they also belongs to our life. ;)
2006-07-27 01:02:00

I would love to read you blog, dani...but alas I cannot speak german.
2006-07-27 02:40:00

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