Left Blender, went to anim8or

Posted on:July 04 2006

I played around with Blender for some time, but I really can't stand its counterintuitive user interface. So I tried out anim8or, although it wasn't made for what I want to do with it - some simple indoor level geometry to use it in the Irrlicht Editor. I already used it to create the room.3ds file used in the Irrlicht examples, but this was years ago and it wasn't very complex either. After just a few minutes, I was able to create this:
Ok, these are just some boxes pushed together in most cases, but it was very easy to do. I think I'll stay a bit with anim8or, nice little tool.


anim8or, dude is all about Maya Unlimited 7 www.alias.com

i know its expensive but its industry standard where i come from (Los Angeles)

once you learn it and get over the intemedation that it can do anything (FFVII: Advent Children, Shrek, And every other 3d animated movie) then you learn and have the easiest best expeirence
2006-07-04 20:10:00

Blender is not intuitive but highly efficient. Which is more important in the end, *if* you are a regular user. I can see the problem, when such a program is only used occasionally and you forgot half of the commands. But if you do it for a living, I prefer a non-intuitive but highly efficient program over an intuitive one any day.

One of the reasons why vim is so widely used. No other editor (save for emacs) is so powerful and efficient.
I got used to Blender eventually and like many of their interface ideas (like x, y, z, xx, yy, zz for constraining axes.)

Blender is still lacking compared to the big ones, but good enough for programmer art. :)
Baal Cadar
2006-07-04 21:35:00

yeh yknow i tried to learn blender too, and couldn't get anywhere with it. i mostly end up just using milkshape, but milkshape is severely hobbled by it's poly-limit and other things, lacking features, etc...
2006-07-04 21:50:00

blender is like vim. You have to learn it
Armin Ronacher
2006-07-04 22:39:00

I really like what Blender stands for, but the whole 'Blender is fast when you get used to it' argument is very weak - every tool is fast when you get used to it. The difference with more mainstream tools like XSI (my personal favorite) is that they have all the fast key shortcuts, but they also have the intuitive interface for the things you don't use so often.

No-one can learn all of a package. You can only ever be very familiar with bits of it. Being intuitive is what helps you use the bits you use less often. The 'everyone should learn the key shortcuts' argument is just an excuse, it doesn't hold water. No tool can get away with not being intuitive. I'm hoping Blender continues to make progress in addressing that (and they are doing it, for sure).
2006-07-04 23:56:00

Try this: www.equinox3d.com . Much better, than Blender i think...
2006-07-05 08:30:00

Anim8or ist wirklich nciht schlecht,
nur für die richtige anwendunge fehlen noch zu viele Freatures.
z.B. das Scalieren von Mesh Objekten.
und die Polygonfehler.
Die Bedienung ist genial aber die Bugs und fehlenden Freatures bringen mich um den verstand.
2006-07-05 08:40:00

http://www.equinox3d.com looks good but there is no windows version?!?

linux/irix/mac and no windows? that sucks.
2006-07-05 12:19:00

Yes, there is no windows version. I think it's just made it better. Fast, productive, free, and collada compatible. What else do you need :) I heard about rummors that there is a bootable cd image, and it's quite usefull for a windows user too...
2006-07-05 16:52:00

Nice to have some confirmation from others that Blender's interface really isn't all that. I've been told this by two artists I trust not to be picky and have had the same experience. However, suggesting such on the Blender development forums is the quickest way (aside from directly insulting a developer) to start a "heated discussion" (otherwise known as a "flame war")

I respect what Blender is (an open source alternative to what were until recently INCREDIBLY overpriced applications). However, without the financial impetus the commercial variants have - I believe that there is less need for the developers to listen to their detractors. After all, it works for them and is free (kinda hard to argue against that).

I think the upcoming changes beinig mentioned on the Blender dev forums (i.e. the configurable key bindings) will go a long way to fixing this. There are other flaws that have yet to be accepted as faulty by the developers though that will (in my opinion) still prevent most newcomers from getting up to speed quickly (e.g. what other program hides the settings in a pull-down panel hidden at the top of the screen and yet provides no menu access to said settings?)

I'll probably be flamed for this too, but hey - at least I'm in good company now :)

Eternl Knight
2006-07-06 03:49:00

Why don´t you try SketchUp (http://sketchup.google.com) - it has a very intuitive UI and is very good for Sketichg up levels (sic!); and it´s free!

just lacks an importer - but that shouldn´t be a problem for irrlicht ;-)

2006-07-06 11:39:00

lug tried using blender. blender made lug look stupid with ass-backward UI. so now lug will try out anima8or.
2006-07-08 01:36:00

You should really try wings3D (http://www.wings3d.com).
I could never imagine myself using any other 3d modeler :-)
2006-07-08 11:41:00

wings3D looks promising. Why doesn't viewport resize automatically when the window is resized? That's stupid issue #1. How come it doesn't have option to export to .x file format? Or md2 format? All I see is .3ds, .obj...
2006-07-08 14:41:00

Blender is not less. I have seen some of the commercial softwares. They are good but very expensive. I have done a lot in Blender. You can see my 3D Animations on my home page. There are 17 clips are ready for download and watch free.
2006-07-23 06:16:00

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