Bush Go Home Demo Vienna review

Posted on:June 22 2006

I wanted to post some software development news again but unfortunately this event came in between. Dani, AK, some anonymity preferring companions and I went there, so here's my short summary:
The Bush-Go-Home-Demo was a pretty huge event. There were between 15.000 and 20.000 people demonstrating which is an exceptional high number of people for Austrian demos. Being a part of that big crowd of people sharing the same feelings and going through the streets felt pretty nice. It was interesting - we saw nearly every type of demsontrator there: American students, punks, communists, programmers ;), pensionists but in most cases simply average people who just wanted to show their dislike towards the politics of that guy. Some of us had special t-shirts printed, unfortunately mine was some sizes to small, but at least I was able to breath.. :)

The whole place was crowded and people even climbed telephone boxes.

The demo was very peaceful, and the fully armored policemen (robocop anyone?) looked a bit displaced in front of every McDonalds and Starbucks.

At the Hofburg (that's just like the White House - where our president works) it was a bit confusing and frigthening. Confusing because a part of the demonstrators thought the demo ended here and stopped walking and frightening because hundreds of policemen were standing there with white helmets (see left image below) which made some of the demonstrators kind of aggressive. People were screaming "this is a peaceful demo, lets go on!!" and we tried to get away from there as fast as possible. But nothing happened luckily.

Lots of people were upset about the effords and costs caused by the visit of Mr. Bush here in Vienna. Streets were blocked, the inner city was locked up, the streets were full of policemen and police cars. They spend about one mio Euro to protect the U.S. president from his potential killers. So, now look at the right picture below: Just behind that door the Austrian president is sitting and working, while we and 20.000 other demonstrants are walking past his office, protected only by those 10 or 20 policemen dressed in blue. Funny if you compare this. :)

After all, it was a nice event. And it was hot, so hot that lots of people even went to McDonalds to have a coke. ;)
Ok, so now you are free again to comment on how stupid I am to go protesting against something I do not like and stuff like that. But at least it looks like there are plenty of people who are thinking similarly.


I don't think it's stupid at all. The only reason the American governement gets away with about anything they want to, is because noone does anything about it. It's not because the American people are being brainwashed and numbed into doing nothing, and fearing their governement and authoroties, that the rest of the world should be like that.
2006-06-22 22:33:00

Imho I think you behave right. It is necessary to show what you like and what not. Unfortunately in my country people don't fight for much bigger problems. Be passive - evil.
2006-06-22 23:06:00

Do what you think is right...even if you are wrong. Just kidding :)
2006-06-23 02:40:00

I do not agree with you in many points, Niko... too much to discuss all of them in here! ;-)
But I think it is right to show others what you think in a square, if you feel like that (and if you don't fell in urban violence like it happens in such demos - and that's the reason for the Robo-cops, but I think you already know this :-. ).
Just, I would like that you demo-people, don't think that those who are not protesting are stupid or afraid of their Government: maybe they simply don't agree with your point of view! :-)
2006-06-23 09:39:00

It is not stupid at all, you must do what makes you feel better :)
2006-06-23 12:04:00

Niko, what text did you choose for your shirt? I cannot read it on the little image.
2006-06-23 12:27:00

I agree with you Niko. We hate violence and destructions of war that people like this brings with them. Unfortunately this "man" is only one face who stays behind big group of peoples who wants to rulls the whole world behynd mask like "human rights" and other fair-spoken words. Practical their behaviour reminds me behaviour of the drunked barfighter, but in global aspect.
So, we must say our opinion about their madness.
2006-06-23 13:27:00

any info about the girl you are always at your side? he he ;-)
2006-06-23 17:22:00

i was there too and found it interesting that a lot of totally different groups and opinions came together under the motto "bush is evil". for me, this is kind of a negative aspect of the demo.
i stood there in the mariahilferstrasse and watched the crowd passing by, looking for a spot where i would fit in. young muslims, philipinos against occupation, far left groups with dark faces on red flags, ... there was even a group that wanted nukes for iran, afghanistan and other countries "just to get even"... it seems like a lot of people are blaming bush for _everything_ that is wrong in the world from their point of view.
finally i went with a group that was simply against the president and the current US government because of the iraq war. i also think a lot of young people were there just for the "touch of anarchism" and the freedom to walk the streets and make noise.
anyhow, opinions and feelings were expressed and it was huge.
2006-06-24 02:25:00

Yea, again who is the hottie, red head? (Not all of us can read german)
2006-06-24 04:38:00

Don't know what to say... :D
Why go against what other people feel just because you don't agree with them?
2006-06-24 12:16:00

I wouldn't call you stupid, we Americans cherish the right to demonstrate. Unfortunately, in our country, its usually millions of idiots protesting, so idiotic that they don't even know why theyre there, they're just there because other people are. But I'm glad you guys at least have reasoning behind it. And you didn't have to be violent, which is another commendable thing.
2006-06-24 16:07:00

No niko, you are not stupid. You an your friends are just trying to get your point across in a peaceful way. That's good.
And no Gothi[c], people in America don't fear their Goverment (in fact, they enjoy to sue them every so often :) ). Where did you get this idea? Do you live or have ever lived in the United States?

2006-06-24 19:58:00

the t-shirt: you can read it better on shiny's blog: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/2383/2877/1600/DSC00578.jpg And yes, it has an ugly typo/error in it. *shame*
2006-06-25 19:17:00

Niko, may I make a suggestion about your glasses...

Your head is round, and round glasses don't match. Square would contrast better...
2006-06-26 21:02:00

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