Hamburg sponsoring game development

Posted on:June 03 2006

Unbelievable, the city of Hamburg is starting to sponsor game developers (german language, sorry). That's a very interesting move, especially because until now computer games had a very bad reputation among politicans of Germany (can you say 'killergames'?). For example as far as I heard when Crytek developed its shooter FarCry, they were trying to get funded for their 3D research and got some money, but the politicans later stopped funding them because they noticed that Crytek developed one of those evil ego shooters, which are corrupting our poor children and supporting terrorism or whatever. Nice to hear that this view seems to be changing, or maybe politicans have noticed now that the games industry is already generating more money than hollywood. Anyway, nice that this is starting in Hamburg, were I originally come from. :)


One problem with politicians funding game development: they are gonna want to regulate it. For example, they will fund your work only if you agree not to develop any game that involves shooting or that is offensive to taxpayers (where the money comes from). Sorry guys, but I believe that Goverment funds never had and never should have a place in the gaming industry.
2006-06-03 17:15:00

Nice idea, but they're talking about Pacman and things like that...
They say that they won't fund any ego shooters.
Great... so we will see more of this poor games for our mobile phones in the futre...
2006-06-03 17:38:00

hey, maybe i should move to hamburg ;) would be interesting to see what games they will support in the next years - hope it won't be only the pacman-clone #infinite...
2006-06-03 20:09:00

Personally I don't understand what people see in stupid shooters. Woohoo you get to shoot someone fun. Join the damn military if you want to do that. :P
2006-06-05 07:36:00

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