Creating your own allocators in C++ is fun

Posted on:May 22 2006

...especially when using VisualStudio 6 to do this:
Warnung C4786: 'irr::core::array<irr::core::string<char,
irr::core::irrAllocator<char> >,irr::core::irrAllocator
<irr::core::string<char,irr::core::irrAllocator<char> > >>
::array<irr::core::string<char,irr::core::irrAllocator<char> >,
irrAllocator<char> > > >'
: Bezeichner wurde auf '255' Zeichen in den
Debug-Informationen verkürzt
Meaning that it truncated debug information, just as it does when compiling STL stuff too sometimes. And yes, I've got a german version of VisualStudio 6. :) Nice that someone invented #pragma warning's. :) But don't be shocked, no, I'm not using VS6 to develop that stuff, I just checked all compilers including gcc if it works at all.


imo good c++ compiler are now for one year available, before that not one compiler did a really good job in every corner... but who wonders, c++ is a relativ complex language ;)
and .. btw. it really sucks that the c++ committee is slow like hell with new standards!
2006-05-22 21:38:00

I'm glad you're not developing with VS.. VS .. is EVIL! I'd like a compiler IDE that was actually well-made.. they're all gettin better, but still just not there yet...
2006-05-23 16:42:00

He didn't say he wasn't developing with VS just not with VS6. So, what do you use, niko? ;)
2006-05-24 15:54:00

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