No, you won't get any T*MB RAIDER N*DE PATCHES from here

Posted on:May 20 2006

How much fun is it to play T*mb Raider with a nacked Lara Croft? Must be a lot of fun, according to my website statistics. About every quarter hour somebody is visting because he searched for 'T*mb Raider Legend N*ude Patch' or something similar. is on the first or the second page of the search results, of various popular search engines [also depending on which version of the engine you are looking (.es,, nl, .de, .com, etc)]. Hurray.
Deleting the entry which leads them here? That would be boring. :) Also, maybe it would't help at all, search engines can be like elephants.


one word : LOL !
2006-05-20 17:30:00

don't forget the nude mod for DOA Xtreme Volleyball, GTA, morrowind, sims, and oblivion...woot, woot!
2006-05-21 23:15:00

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