Small tip for Opera users

Posted on:May 18 2006

After I've converted some people to use Opera, most of them asked me how to set up the windows so that surfing is more fun. I.e. just like I configured that browser, with the bookmarks to the left and without that senseless space wasting toolbar:
That's really a bit tricky, maybe they'll improve this in a newer version. Currently, you have to do this:
Select Tools -> Appearence. Choose the Toolbars tab. Click on that tool bar and choose 'off' as on the screenshot. Done.


"That's really a bit tricky, maybe they'll improve this in a newer version." WTF? 8-o That's a joke, right? Tricky? That?

"Uh, I wants ta get rid of that toolbar, I'll have to click on it and select "Off", that's quite tricky! :(" O_o
2006-05-19 00:02:00

did you know, that you have to "click" on it and select and then choose "OFF"?
2006-05-19 00:38:00

umm.. fire up opera and maximize it.. move your mouse cursor as far as it goes to the left side and click once.. *poof* suprise! :p
2006-05-20 03:27:00

ah, learned something again. :) And your Opera version has an 'off' menu entry in the context menu? For me there only is a 'customize...', which opens the appearance dialog again, resulting in the need to click nearly as much as in my description above. :)
2006-05-20 08:16:00

when i right-click it just pops up a customize button yes.. but no need to do that.. just left-click once and the side-bar slides away by itself :) i use opera v8.54 in case you wonder.. :)
2006-05-20 10:59:00

all i have to do is right click on any button and select "Remove pannel"
2006-05-21 19:27:00

puh is right. that's one of the things that stands out with opera...the fact that you can right click on something to remove it from view. I haven't seen this yet in other browsers like IE or FireFox (don't remember if maxthon has this option or not).

one wierd thing happened to me today...when I started opera it killed my internet connect. after i close it my internet connection came back...wierd.
2006-05-21 23:10:00

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