RIP Rockstar Vienna

Posted on:May 11 2006

Rockstar Vienna is dead. A coworker told me this morning, but I couldn't believe it, until I read Jurie's blog post this evening. It's a bit shocking, especially because I know several people working there, but the most shocking thing is how they did it. Looks like none of the employees knew this and they have been dismissed by security guards. Strange. Also, this will have great influence on the Vienna game development scene. I hope not only bad ones, but I fear.
Ahyes. What a *coincidence* that this happened coincidentely with the E3.


like someone from the ex-team said today: "it could have been worse - it could have been winter" ... but that's about as funny as it's going to get...
the thing that really pisses me off (apart from the fact that i had a job i reeeeaaaaally enjoyed) is that people who devote a major part of their lives to a company, get treated like waste once the company deems them unnecessary. nice, thank you. we got the point...
i'm actually not talking about vienna's management, who -judging from their faces - most probably had one of their worst days at work themselves, but about some pretentious NY-manager who just says "aw, screw 'em all, we can just impose our american mentality on them and lay 'em off in the worst way we can imagine! maybe send a few of our security guys over there and impose a bit of terror on everyone!" ... hey it worked for bush after all, they just adopted a common practice from the (not so) "land of the free".
Rockstar is NOT cool after all, the employees who worked for this hypocritical company WERE! good luck to all of us!!!
2006-05-12 03:48:00

my condolence. hope you find a job at a nicer employer soon!
2006-05-12 08:03:00

Wow! This is really disgusting from the upper Rockstar managment. I know a few people from there also and I hope they can find good job assignments now.
2006-05-12 15:28:00

look i know you're pissed at rockstar, but they didnt so it this way just because they're american. lots of american companies are really cool about stuff like that. they did it this way because they are a business, and they are apparently run by jerks. the fact they are american has nothing to do with it.
all this "USA sucks" crap is getting old....we aren't all just like bush ok? i mean are all austrians just like arnold swarzeneggar? I don't think so...
2006-05-12 23:51:00

I agree with buhatkj here. This has nothing to do with America itself, but with the company. One doesn't have to be homed in USA to treat your employees like shit. Other countries' citizen can this do just as well. There are many examples right now here in Germany and most of them are based elsewhere and not in USA.

I tend to scold USA myself about everything and nothing all the time. And then I get self-concious about it. Anti-Americanism is widely spread in Europe. :(

This, of course doesn't mean I agree with their foreign policy or anything. It just means, that one has to look closely on who is responsible for what. When I complain about america's administration, then I mean just the administration and when someone complains about the company Rockstar (and there obviously is enough to complain about) then one should imho limit it to this company.
Baal Cadar
2006-05-13 00:29:00

yeh, baal is right. and since only 29% of americans approve of bush as president, clearly support for his policy is not too strong here either. personally i know im disappointed...
its pretty sad for those of us that care enough to go out and vote, cuz every time its just philips or flathead, we're screwed either way. none of our other parties are viable enough to make a difference, i just hope over time that can change.
2006-05-14 08:39:00

A castle made of sand fell into the sea...

As an Austrian working in Liverpool (SCEE) and studying '3D Game Art' (always with one eye on the development of RVienna) I couldn't believe that my biggest hope of finding employment as a Junior in my home country went up in flames.

Is there anything planned by the original NEO Software staff?
2006-05-24 11:05:00

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