Posted on:April 14 2006

Pfew, finally weekend. During the last hours at work I felt a bit like a zombie, so I think I really need this weekend now. (Unfairly, this friday is no official holiday as in lots of other countries and almost everyone here had to work). But it doesn't look like it will be boring or too much relaxing. Things I'm going to do:
Ok, and I think now I'm going to work off the task list. Starting with the last item.


o_O? the EU has no software patents, but do that?

they make less and less sense...
The Anaconda
2006-04-14 17:42:00

At least it doesn't have a guantanamo..
2006-04-14 17:53:00

> Answer all remaining Irrlicht mails (there are tons of.. sorry.)

Why not just tell them to repost those in the Forum instead and answer their questions there?
Firstly, less work for you, since others can answer too.
Secondly, other have something from it too, since a forum search can show the answers already, resulting in even less work for you.
Thirdily, Forum needs you really. Too many (like almost all) bug reports remain unanswered by people with CVS commit rights. Well, and since you have saved so much time because of the first two reasons for forum usage, you can spend it by fixing/commenting those bugs. Speak about win-win-win.
Baal Cadar
2006-04-14 21:51:00

you are right. trying to improve this.
2006-04-16 20:17:00

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