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Posted on:March 09 2006

Last weekend I stumbled over this package in a Libro at the Mariahilferstrasse:
(Yes, the left foot is mine :) ) The package is quite huge (looks smaller on the picture) and contains lots of JoWooD games. Even three I've been working on. I nearly bought it, because it only costs 7.90 eur. Nearly. :)


An welchen 3 Spielen aus dieser Box hast du mitgearbeitet und was hast du an jenen gemacht?
Stefan Branske
2006-03-10 19:21:00

Yeah, what he said!
2006-03-11 22:04:00

@ Armen: Should your comment to be for me?
I have only asked niko one which three games he worked on!
I am new here and I dont know if he had already said it at a earlier news
Stefan Branske
2006-03-14 20:15:00

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