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Posted on:March 08 2006

Already >70 people downloaded irrUML3D, and only one wrote a comment, until now. Is it really that bad? :(
BTW: Altova UModel 2006 has been released yesterday, irrUML3D should handle this too, without modifications.


Ok, here's one comment. The tool is nice, but the textures that represent the UML information are a bit lo-res. It would also be nice a way to search a class. Imagine a combobox with all the names, and you choose one, then the camera moves so that it is in front of the wanted class.

Otherwise, a nice spin to the UML diagram tools ;)
2006-03-08 20:12:00

So, that is one really crazy idea :)
So as miguel said, the resolution should be a bit higher, for a better readability.
But really nice example what you can do with a 3d engine and uncommon way of thinking ;) (can more easily be reached by drug abusement ;))
2006-03-08 22:48:00

hehe :) thx. I'm going to improve it a bit, the only problem I had was that most current hardware doesn't support a lot of rendertargets at the same time (>100 for example), but I'm going to change this a bit.
2006-03-09 08:10:00

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