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Posted on:February 25 2006

Did I write "boycott sony"? Looks like I've reconsidered this. Right now, I'm blogging this from my brand new notebook. It's a Sony VaioVGN-S5M and soooo cute! I like it so much, I hope my girlfriend won't get jealous: It is extremely small but includes everything - even a DVD burner. And best of all: A GeForce FX Go 6400. Yay, my first PC capable of doing SM 3.0 ;) This presumably means you'll see some nice new special effects in Irrlicht soon. It looks like that:
As soon as the weather allows it, you'll see me lying around in the sun at the Museumsquartier or the Donauinsel, programming and surfing with it.
And about the 'boycott sony'-thing again. I took that picture above with my new digital camera, also by sony. Hit me now.


"Hit me now." - **KNOCK!** ...anything else I can do for you? ;-)

Congrats - SONY is IMHO the best you can buy..!

Have Fun with you Notebook!

Duncan Mac Leod
2006-02-25 19:41:00

dell = better
sony = proprietary drivers, no linux support

all the same enjoy your new notebook dude :-)
2006-02-25 20:35:00

about the boycott sony thing... I still kinda like Sony a bit, but take a look at this ( lol!
(btw, this is a link to a funny picture mocking Sony, NOT my blog as the "xanga" in the address might seem to suggest).
2006-02-25 20:44:00

@Andrew: LOL. But hey, i want my revolution ^^

@niko: Your blog allows me to submit an empty comment. Not good :-) But have fun with your notebook :-)
Armin Ronacher
2006-02-25 22:39:00

hey sounds good, can't wait for more special effects from irrlicht.. maybe some postprocessing pweeeeese? hehe. oh yeah.. and sony is cool and all, but i prefer jimmy joe bob's electronics... quality gauranteed! hahaha
2006-03-01 05:21:00

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