e dot c dot c dot t dot erm... i.. dot a dot?

Posted on:February 23 2006

I'm not a 100% java expert, but I really hope that these class names and methods are there because of the usage of some code obfuscator (only changed the somecompany.someproduct part, everything else has been left as it was):
java.lang.NullPointerException   at com.somecompany.someproduct.i.c.c.b.t.a(t.java:121)   at com.somecompany.someproduct.i.c.c.b.hb.a(hb.java:46)   at com.somecompany.someproduct.i.c.bc.startElement(bc.java:187)
Otherwise, after reading the daily WTF for a while now, I would not be surprised.


such as C++ java have a bad starting for me ! i think it was Fear ... in 2 Section of language learning second section was nice for me !!
2006-02-23 22:32:00

Definitely obfuscated. Makes stack-traces quite unreadable. We always keep the obfuscator's change-log, just in case we have to deal with stack-traces like that.
2006-02-24 20:38:00

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