Posted on:February 15 2006

While waiting for this f*cking slow sf.net server, why not posting some Iraq war rant, before it's to late, and the United States, the leader of Europe will start a new war at the end of march in Iran:
The war in Iraq is about WMD.
The war in Iraq is a part of the global war against terror,it was never about WMD.
The war in Iraq is about liberating its people, it is aboutdemocracy and nothing to do with terrorism.
I've read this some days ago somewhere on slashdot, and thought this really simply shows the pointlessness of all this.


So you don't feel left out in the cold on this, I also feel enraged by the hypocrsiy of the whole debacle.

Want to know something interesting? Not long before Iraq was invaded, Saddam Hussein had decided to sell his oil in Euros (rather than the OPEC standard of US dollars). Iran intends to open (in March this year) an "oil bourse" (think stock exchange but only for oil rather than company shares). When does the US intend to make their big move? Why, March of course...

Those who follow economics will know just how important (to the USA) it is for oil trading to remain in US dollars. Wars fought for economic rather than "moral" reasons? Nah, the US government would never do that!

Eternl Knight
2006-02-16 05:41:00

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