Take2 with problems

Posted on:January 30 2006

A bit related to my previous post: Take2 Interactive, the publisher of the GTA series made by Rockstar Games, currently has some small stock related problems:
Take-Two stock was traded at more than 10 timesits average volume today, shedding almost 14 percent ofits value along the way, closing down $2.34 to $14.69.(source)
Wow. I found this via Jurie, and had to think a bit about it, because half a year ago, I had an appointment for a job interview at Rockstar games, and somehow I'm a bit relieved now that I had to cancel it. But anyway, I don't have that much insight but I hope maybe this won't affect Rockstar that much.

BTW: I am really sorry for not answering all the mails last week and not uploading the Mac-version of Irrlicht yet, I'm a bit stressed again. :)


Well, I personally think that the whole "Rockstar Debacle" is over-hyped. It required someone to reverse engineer the game in order to understand the data file format in order to even see the possible "porn" in order to create the hack/patch. All of which is against the EULA in the first place. The thing that is biting them in the ass is their claims it was "added" by the patch, not "revealed" by it. There is no way a person can obtain access to the "oh so terrible scenes" without breaking the game's EULA... and they are playing a game about killing, armed robbery, and drugs as it is! America's value system is #$%@ed up.

As for the Mac port - I'll be honest in saying I am VERY anxious to see it. But I didn't nag... not once :)

Get over the stress first, mate.

Eternl Knight
2006-01-31 03:41:00

lol latest news is that Take Two is being sued by two firms representing their stockholders
The Anaconda
2006-02-17 01:34:00

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