Sex is bad, killing and torturing people is ok

Posted on:January 21 2006

Somehow I still don't get why some nations think that children should be protected to get in contact with porn, whereas it is totally ok to let them watch movies where people kill each other brutally.
Sex is fun! It is not bad. Killing is bad. IMO.


so if you would torture/kill someone while having sex, would the bad and good sides cancel each other out? :)
2006-01-21 11:14:00

hm, if you are killing someone maybe this also depends on whether the one you have sex with wants it or not. ;)
2006-01-21 11:23:00

Well wait, if you're killing for money then wouldn't it be okay because it's supporting the economy? and are you having sex with this person before or after you kill them?.....

i've lived in the US and europe, and i can definetly say bring on the porn. americans are kept away from things, and because of this, they glorify them and develop psychological problems that lead them to do crazy things involving the thing they were kept away from. please, bring on the moderate exposure to sex, alcohol, but the killing should be put to a minimum. except for duke nukem.
2006-01-22 06:31:00

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