Woody Allen's Match Point

Posted on:January 14 2006

I don't like Woody Allen Movies. I don't know, I think they are just boring, they have nothing special. And I'm not the type who only likes special effects and action, it's quite the opposite: I think a low budget movie with a good script can be far be better than any of those multi million dollar productions. But I never understood why people like these Woody Allen productions that much. And his newest movie Match Point is nothing different. People told me that this one is far better than all his other ones and different, so I went to the cinema and watched it. But it isn't. It's just like a soap opera in a cinema fitting format, nothing more. It doesn't have an interesting story and there is nothing exciting about it. Hell, we even had some extra beer bevor going there, because we expected something like that. (Looks like I can also drink alcohol without having fun.) The move is just a waste of money and time, don't watch it.


i like his movies especially "hollywood ending"
he is totaly crazy
2006-01-15 00:46:00

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