In Extremo concert in Gothic

Posted on:January 09 2006

At the weekend, I attended a concert of the german folk metal band In Extremo. About 3 or 4 times. Because it was a virtual concert, which only takes place in the german version of the RPG Gothic by Piranha Bytes. Unfortunately, it's not in the english/interational version, and so most non german speaking players won't see this, which is a bit sad because the band really rocks and the music fits perfectly into the game. And because all these non german players only would see screenshots of it, I took a short video of it. I hope it is legally ok, I only recorded about 7 seconds. :) Download it here (1.6 MB) (Warning: very low audio quality).


Cool. That's the second time I've seen something like that. The first was for Darkstone. Give the musicians in town some tips.... works in single and multiplayer.
John "Saigumi" G
2006-01-10 03:18:00

Really cool! Always like new takes on technology!
2006-01-10 14:22:00

I also liked that. :)

Do you know what language that is? Or is it just random nonsense? ;)
2006-01-10 17:28:00

Valid latin probably.
Gothic3 will contain a similiar promotion work btw. Corvus Corax in this case. Here's the statement:
2006-01-10 20:46:00

looks like italian to me:

Herr Mannelig, Herr Mannelig mi vorrai sposare
Per tutto quello che io dolcemente ti darè?
Se vorrai, rispondi solo si o no
Farai cosى o no?
2006-01-10 23:03:00

It's actually swedish...

Herr Mannelig herr Mannelig
trolofven i mig
För det jag
bjuder så gerna
2006-01-11 13:35:00

wow.thanks for that video. i love gothic and i love in extremo, bo i'm from polend so i wasn't able to see thic concert before. can you post more of the gig? how many songs they play?
2006-01-11 18:05:00

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