Old hardware

Posted on:January 06 2006

Just read a blog entry of a student with a story about developing a 3D demo, mentioning that his hardware is pretty old. He's got a Radeon 9800 Pro.
I'm developing a quite popular 3D engine, and I've got a Radeon 9200 SE. So if his one is old, what's mine? Phew. Did I metion that I coded the first few Irrlicht engine releases only using the onboard 2.5D hardware of my Notebook? :) I think I'm a little minimalist when it comes to hardware upgrades.


well i recently upgraded my graphics hardware from gforce mx440 to 6600GT and what can i say....i just have to play half life 2,far cry,doom3 again...;-)
2006-01-06 15:08:00

...just upgraded from GeForce3 to GeForce6600GT - the first upgrade since 2003 ;-)
Duncan Mac Leod
2006-01-06 16:34:00

Hmmm... I used Irrlicht 0.9 with my old Ati Rage 128!!! OK, after some time I had to buy a GeForce 5900XT... because AGP 8X is incompatible with 2X, not because of Irrlicht...
2006-01-06 18:23:00

9800pro is not old, its not even average (yet) for mass market. A year from now a good performance target may be a 9800 pro but it still won't be "old" for target audiences.

Of course for AAA retail games most will need minimum 9800 or better by then but that's different.
2006-01-06 19:47:00

hello this is kind of off topic but can you niko either get this bug fixed or prove (via demo) that irrlicht can take two textures and insert them in an glsl shader or hlsl

no matter how many sampler 2ds i have the shader only recieves material 0 never material 1

ps i need it for my hdr shader so all of you can enjoy cool graphics on irrlicht
2006-01-06 23:22:00

I just upgraded my computer 2 days ago to a Radeon x800GTO 256mb PCI-E, w00t!
random person
2006-01-07 20:21:00

Man.. I believe I have the old one that runs Irrlicht.

It's an NV1, the very first nVidia chipset, on a Diamond Edge. The card has a modem and a sound processor as well.

Ah.. but I guess I should say that I'm running a 7800 GT PCI-E as well and on my bday am getting #2 for SLI.
John "Saigumi" G
2006-01-09 13:35:00

To justify myself:

Not the 9800 Pro is the cause for calling my system old. In fact, it's brand new compared to the rest.

What does make it old is everything else - the 1,33 GHz Thunderbird, the 512 MB SDR-SDRAM, the strange sounding (hopefully not dying) HDDs and some irreproducible resets.
2006-01-11 08:58:00

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