Internet ban for idiots

Posted on:December 31 2005

Noobs who just learned how to use google and search for their name or company are quite a big problem. Especially if they are adults, and have incompetent and technically uneducated lawyers, because they tend to sue anybody. Der shopblogger just has been sued by the Sozialgericht Bremen, der werbeblogger has been sued by Heidi Klums father (both in german). Why? Technically because their names have been used on these blogs. (Of course the civil law technical reasons are a bit more complicated.) Stupid.

Ahja, Guten Rutsch! (=Happy New Year!)

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2005-12-31 22:13:00

Gesundes neues Jahr
2006-01-02 08:48:00

muhaha, google for "sozialgericht bremen" now. the results are full of blogs in the meantime. kind of backfired. :)
stan silvercan
2006-01-02 22:37:00

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