Big changes

Posted on:December 28 2005

If you take a look at the front page of the Irrlicht engine webpage, you'll read that there are some big changes going on. We've now got cvs and I'm no more the only one working on the engine. Has hell frozen over?
No :)
The reason for doing this is simple: Irrlicht is has become so popular that I'm simply not able to do everything on my own. Hell, it takes ages only to answer all the mails I get. :) This is also a good possibility to add long requested features to Irrlicht which I am not able to do because simply of missing hardware. (Mac, pocketpc, for example).
And btw: How do you like the new team page? I wasn't sure If I should put photos of us there, but I think it's funny this way. :)


Oh no, now you'll have to split the 0$ you make on the engine in 4!
But seriously, great news. Nice idea with the photos, how did you get inside the engine? ;)
2005-12-28 14:12:00

I think you made the right decision niko. I also think had you done this a little while ago all the things that ended up in the IrrlichtNX / Lightfeather fork might have been in the original Irrlicht by now. With the right team, and the right quality control over patches, community development can be very powerful and doesn't have to slip out of control. Good luck :)

Also, I think I've said this before, but I advise you to put your foot down and refuse to answer Irrlicht questions over email, directing all support to the forums. You'll only end up repeating yourself all the time otherwise - at least when you answer on the forums people can find the answer for themselves later, or even better someone else might answer for you :) Looking after everyone personally gets completely impractical beyond a certain community size.
2005-12-28 14:46:00

What Sinbad said. A good decision. Congrats and good luck to the team!
2005-12-28 15:51:00

Finally :P

A good desicion, Hopefully this may lead to good things for the irrlicht engine as long as you maintain control over patches, etc.
2005-12-28 16:40:00


looks cool!

BTW welcome back how was your vacation?
The Anaconda
2005-12-29 07:00:00

thx, also for the tips. Maybe it would already help not to advertise my mail adress on :)
2005-12-29 09:15:00

instead of a forum like Sinbad said i d suggest mailinglists. the freevo project for example has a "user" "devel" and a "cvs" (for all commits) list and it seems to work very well.
2005-12-30 01:08:00

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