The Chronicles of Narnia

Posted on:December 09 2005

Yesterday, I went to the cinema and watched the movie The Chronicles of Narnia. I had to watch it because I often saw the TV miniseries when I was a child. And of course, I didn't expect anything, because today I am really used to do this with movies with lots of CG animations. And of course because it was made by Disney.
And as expected, it wasn't an outstanding movie. The new The Chronicles of Narnia movie neither has an exciting told story, nor brilliant dialogs or actors. As always, it only lives of its nice pictures and computer generated graphics. Nevertheless, I really liked it, but maybe because I simply like fantasy stuff. My company for example didn't like the movie at all, she even meant that it totally sucked. And I can understand her, some details really were annoying. The white witch for example constantly named the Lion 'grosse Katze', which is an awful translation error, IMO (Big Cat = Raubkatze, not Große Katze!). Also, some things didn't fit together. Example: The 14 (whatever) year old boy transformed from a pupil into a fighting machine within one day, without explanation. In one scene he even killed a huge Minotaur nearly incidental with one short strike of his left hand. Ha.
To summarize: Nice pictures. If you like fantasy, get some beer, and go watch that movie, then it might be ok. :)


here is a nice review: :)
stan silvercan
2005-12-09 22:21:00

It's not a bad movie. Hopefully, they'll have an extended version when the DVD comes out. I was pulled out of the movie when the lion came back to life quite fast. From that point on it just sucked for me...

The CG isn't bad, but it could have been better.
2005-12-17 22:17:00

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