People are just stupid

Posted on:December 05 2005

People are stupid. They'll continue using IE even when you tell them that it's a high security risk twice a week for one full year, even if you have installed Firefox and Opera as alternatives on their PC. They coninue spamming you with stupid questions about 3D programming, even if you have told them multiple times that you won't help them and pointed them to several helpful forums. They are polluting your appartement with their unsecured WLAN waves and are proud that they were able to name their access point 'Dr. SomeOtherTitles SomeName' but will likely sue you if they think you are accessing the web over their router.
Yes. Sorry for the rant. If you have read this blog from the beginning, when I started it nearly two years ago on my old domain, you know that I originally created it for ranting, and to make me feel better this way ;-). And it's a bit better now. Hm, but maybe I can go on a bit. Ok:
Xmas sucks. I'm tired of worshipping the the book, media, and whatever industry every year just because everybody else is doing it too. I'm also tired going to my doctor's appointment where I have to wait for hours then. What's the point calling this 'appointment' ?? And yes: I'm also tired of being single, I think now for about half a year. It sucks. At least a bit.
Ok, that's it. Enough ranting for some time. :)


Well, XMas isn't that supid if you just ignore media, peope, advertisments.
Then it is the time, where you sit in your living room, hearing relaxing music and reading a book you wanted to read for months :)
I hate the cold weather ... I mean snowing - raining - everything is frozen. If there wouldn't be holidays I couldn't stand another year in this country. buh.
2005-12-05 22:54:00

I'm sorry Xmas is NOT stupid - I love Xmas (and no I'm not religious in the slightest).. and NO it is not just to be greedy and recieve presents.. (I'm over 30 also so it is not through some childlike mystery). The reason it doesn't suck is because it is one time of the year whole communities are doing something together, it is a time when you can get cosy with your loved one and watch lots of fun TV and eat lots of BAD FOOD without feeling "guilty"..

this year - it is also a time of MarioKart DS ;)

I know where you are coming from because I feel the same about New Years Eve (or did) when I was single. I am now married (No kids yet) but believe me you start re-enjoying things again when you have someone to share it with. Being alone (or just with parents when you are older) at xmas isn't that much fun - but even then it doesn't SUCK - it is what you make of it.

Oh I do agree about those unsecured WLAN points - they annoy the hell out of me.
2005-12-05 23:10:00

So it seems that the 'Team of the Brain-Deads' is reunited again and has setup its Team-Blog at to develop more evil stuff (this time they call it v7)... - who the hell is paying such a bunch of mindless jerks who'll be first up against the wall when the revolution comes..? (or should I say: when Firefox 2.0 comes)

To **P A Y** (so-called) Software-Developers, who are developing crappy code, is more annoying than unsecured WLAN Points, more annoying than celebrating x-mas alone at home, more annoying than......

...and I don't know how such people (IE Dev-Team) are still in business - really annoying!

...just my 2 cents/rants ;-)
Duncan Mac Leod
2005-12-06 00:01:00

Gah... I've got a major headache myself.

Everything from bitching about Wal-Mart and people counterbitching saying that "Alls fair in capitalism. Treating people like crap is A-OK as long as you are making a buck." Then the wife has been non-stop blah-blah-blah-blah blahing.

However, I did get Irrlicht/Birr to run out of a Java Webstart session. One click... game starts.
2005-12-06 01:22:00

The only reason for my using IE over Firefox/Opera, is that from experience I had difficulties with some pages on that browsers. I know it's less secure and that doesn't make me stupid, just reckless! Long live the antispyware software!
I see a question here... "Remember personal info?" and 2 radio buttons, with no text, and no tooltips... hmm... lets flip a coin!
2005-12-06 08:46:00

I use firefox 99% of the time - I just prefer it (regardless of security).. however it does have it's faults and I usually end up running IE at least once a day to view a video or download or run some script that firefox doesn't handle too well. and I am glad to see FFox has fixed it's rendering of content boxes in the latest version.
2005-12-06 12:10:00

Everyone thinks that everyone else is stupid...
but seriously you should do stand-up comedy it's a great relief, or watch George Carlin on DVD.
2005-12-06 15:33:00

Niko, you have to wait for a wile and your the_one_queen will find you certainly. It's all in waiting. Trust me, when you will mary her sometimes you will say "Oh, God, i was stupid, i just want to become single again..."
2005-12-06 19:55:00

hehe, maybe :)
2005-12-06 21:20:00

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